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Paragon Hammered Finish - Startrite Green

Paragon Hammered Finish - Startrite Green
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Paragon hammered finish is a fast drying, modified short oil alkyd enamel pigmented with aluminium.

Provides a durable, corrosion resistant decorative coating for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, certain plastics and wood. The decorative hammered appearance is smooth to the touch and sheds water well. It is available in a variety of popular colours.

  • Satin hammer finish available in a custom tint to match the classic green used on Startrite machines.***
  • Conventional and airless spray application when thinned with up to 20% Paragon PT1 thinner, small areas may be brushed or rolled.
  • Can be applied to bare steel.
  • Suitable for interior applications.
  • Touch dry 30 minutes, Firm dry 2-4 Hours, Fully cured up to 7 days

Hammer paint (or hammered paint) is a special finish with a surface that looks like hammered metal when dried. It is also known as hammertone. The slightly iridescent areas are caused by the different orientation of very small shiny aluminium particles which are suspended in the paint. To make the "hammered" effect more pronounced, a small percentage of silicone oil is added during manufacture.

Hammer paint is often used to beautify technical apparatus as the optical advantage of hammer paint is that surfaces look acceptable even if the underlying surface is not flat and smooth. To get a regular paint to look smooth the surface would have to be prepared first, for example by filling, sanding, grinding or polishing. With hammer paint, this step can often be omitted.

Technical note:- Only compatible with etch primer, do not use this product to overcoat on top of any Paragon primer or undercoat products other than the Paragon etch primers.

*** Please note that it is well documented that Startrite did not pay particular attention to colour consistency between batches of machines. We believe the green offered here is a good match to the majority of machines produced over the years but it is not guaranteed to be an exact match. If you are trying to touch in only selected ares of a tired or damaged machine you might want to proceed with caution. Customers wishing to repaint an entire machine should not run into any problems.

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