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A recent submission of a lovely Record No.3 vice restoration using Paragon semi gloss enamel.


Dear Steve,

I am so pleased with the final finish of my scale model Vulcan, please feel free to share these pictures on your website.
I will make sure everyone knows that the paint finish is in Paragon Enamel as most modellers use car paints and I am probably one of the first to use enamel.


Ian Watts.



Thank you for all the help and advice you gave me on your lovely paints, please see pictures attached of the finished thing!

The vehicle is for the Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust and is to be sent out to Africa to assist with our comprehensive and inspiring conservation education programmes which aim to create a new meaning and value to wildlife and the environment for local children and young people.

Our hope is that these programmes encourage the young people of the area to be active conservationists and empower them to make the changes that are necessary to sustain livelihoods, conserve wildlife and protect the natural environment long into the future.

Polly H, Kent



Hi Steve,

I am a model engineer in my spare time, please see the attached photo of one of my models I have used your paint on. This locomotive won a bronze medal at my local exhibition and the quality of the paint work was comented upon by the judges. Thanks for supplying such a great product.


Colin H. Burrow


Hi Steve & Joy,

A good start to the week because I'm a very happy new customer.

I've now used the paint and thinners I recently bought and can say that I'm absolutely delighted with the finished result of my Union Graduate wood turning lathe which can be seen in the pictures.

Thank you Steve; you were bang on when you informed me that it would be OK to flat the original Hammerite paint which I did by power sanding; I didn't go to great trouble in using filler but I did ensure the Hammerite was flatted all over. Regarding the Paragon paint; I was unable to use my compressors or assorted spray guns because of the dire weather so resorted to brushing. I used a brand new Purdy 1.5" brush. The Undercoat was rather thick straight from the tin so I diluted it slightly with your PT8 thinner making it much more workable then it went on a treat. The gloss at first looked much thinner in the tin but it proved difficult to apply due to the cold so once again I thinned it just sufficiently to make it more workable then it behaved; I didn't mess around but simply applied generous coats without overworking trying to get it absolutely smooth; the paint took care of this as it dried; the only thing I did take care about was to apply it as evenly as possible to prevent runs. The two undercoats were no trouble but the first gloss coat left a lot to be desired but the second gloss coat proved a success.

I was working in a black hole called Yorkshire with rain and high wind lashing at the garage doors only a few feet away; I had to put wooden battens on the floor at the door bottoms to cut down on the blast from the wind; the lighting in the garage was two strip lights which were totally inadequate so I rigged up a LED floodlight which both helped and hindered. Had I been working in decent conditions I think I could have even done a better job but as the lathe now is I'm over the moon with it.

Please feel free to use the pictures as you like if of use. I'm retired and enjoy pottering around; any future machinery repaints will definitely be done using your paint; by the way although I was working indoors the smell and fumes from the paint were no trouble at all.

Kindest regards, Colin Wood.


Hello folks,

I just wanted to say I bought some of your machine paint for a lathe I am restoring and wanted to let you guys know its the best tin of paint I've ever bought! I've restored many cars & bikes over the years & used many different paints from 2 packs to oil based and most inbetween and this one is one of the best paints I've ever used, it was a real pleasure to use & makes a change to buy something that really does what it says on the tin!!

Many thanks,

Geoff in Bristol.


Hello Steve,
I am sending you some pics of my lathe before and after I refurbished it. (Not quite finished yet.)
Jeff West.
Before picture:-

After picture:-