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NATO Green BS381C - 285

NATO Green BS381C - 285
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Paragon Military Paint is an ultra high quality finish for military vehicles, tanks, armoured cars, working vehicles and similar items that require an authentic military finish.

Formulated with super tough resins this product has an excellent track record and is ideal for all refurbishment and restoration work requiring a tough military finish.

The Paragon military range is self priming onto sound previously painted surfaces, bare steel, sealed timber and similar, however if you are painting bare galvanised steel, aluminium or plastic you will need to pre-prime with either Paragon Etch Primer or Paragon Adheison Primer for plastic and other troublesome substrates, see our Paragon Primer Section for details.

Paragon Military Paint is easy to use and is suitable for brush, roller or spray application onto; metal, timber, plastic etc and is available in a range of finishes and tin sizes from the menus.

Is used in preference to normal commercially available enamels for tough work environments which also require a finish of the highest standard.

  • High build properties.
  • A long wet edge allows for the largest of fabrications to be brushed or sprayed without overspray or brush drag.
  • High solids content.
  • Brush or spray application.
  • Provides ultimate hard wearing finish with good build and scratch filling properties.
  • Very good resistance to oils, fuels, and other fluids which makes it an ideal choice for all types of military equipment.
  • Excellent water resistance, flexibility and exterior durability.

Touch dry:- 2 Hours. Firm dry:- 6 Hours. Hard dry:- 12 Hours, @ 20ºC.
Thinners:- Fully synthetic PT8.
Over coating:- Within 30 minutes or after 16 hours.
Film thickness:- 100 microns WFT gives approximately 50 microns DFT.
Temp Resistance:- 170ºC.
Storage:- 12 months in original sealed containers.

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Chris Holcroft
Feb 16, 2020
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Delighted with my recent purchase of Paragon paint. It is my first purchase from the company and based upon my experience of both purchasing and the product itself I can certainly recommend it to others and will be buying again.

Advantages: Easy and reliable transaction to buy. Huge range of colours. Good value. Very securely packed for shipping. Paint flows and covers well. Even when brush applied the finish levels nicely and any paint running is easily controlled. Very quick to reach touch-dry point but not to the degree of affecting working time. Cleaning brushes afterwards seems much easier than with other oil based paints.

Disadvantages: Not aware of any disadvantages, unlike many paints I have experience of.
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Chris Holcroft
Feb 14, 2020
Dear Paragon Paints

For the first time I have bought a tin of your enamel paint.

Just tested it. What can I say? It’s superb. Flows beautifully on the brush. Cleans off the brush with ease. Colour match is wonderful too.

For the first time I actually feel I’ve found a paint that 1) matches it’s marketing description and 2) is worth the money. Even the price premium for the quality of your product still results in a great value purchase.

Thank you. It’s brilliant to have discovered your brand!!
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