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Paragon Brushing Additive (PPA) 250ml

Paragon Brushing Additive (PPA) 250ml
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Paragon paint additive (PPA) Is a brushing additive to ease the flow and wet edge characteristics of the Paragon range of enamels when painting in difficult conditions, whether hot or cold you can add a little PPA to Paragon enamel to aid the flow.

Paragon PPA works by lubricating the paint, and easing its flow characteristics. This lengthens the window in which the paint is workable and slightly retards the drying time. Add a maximum of 10% PPA to Paragon enamel for best results.

Do not add more than 10% or you may adversely affect the coverage and flow of the paint.

Supplied in 250ml tins.

Paragon PPA is not compatible with any other product besides the enamel.

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