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Gramos Tak Rags

Gramos Tak Rags
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Dust, fluff and grit particles are a major source of paint defects causing nibs, rough finishes and centres of weakness and corrosion. Takrags are impregnated textile wipes specifically designed to collect dust from surfaces with one quick wipe.

Using Takrags ensure a completely dust and fluff free surface ready for painting or varnishing. Simply by lightly wiping down the surface area involved all specks of dust and dirt are removed quickly and effectively trapped within the Takrag. They are economical too - both sides of each and every tacky surface trap and absorb whilst remaining tacky and stable.

These versions are available in pack sizes of 10 and are all individually wrapped. The 10 pack rags open out to 10cm x 11cm and are a textured cotton with a high bulk, ideal for large surface areas or high levels of dust.

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